Dr. Nariman Zarzour

Dr. ZarzourBy the grace of God, and through the sincerity of supporters like you, most of our students so far have graduated without incurring any debt, and all of them grounded in the timeless truths of the Islamic and Western traditions. Many were recipients of legacy scholarships, like the recent one dedicated to the late Dr. Nariman Zarzour, whose story shows how the reward for good intentions can surpass expectations.

Dr. Zarzour, mother to Zaytuna College alumna Leenah Safi (’14), spent her life as a clinical social worker and scholar in sociology, inspiring in those around her a passion for doing good. Dr. Zarzour resolved to serve her community by bequeathing a part of her estate to Zaytuna College prior to her passing, in hopes of supporting the college and its students.

A sincere lover of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, she left this world on the twelfth night of Rabi‘ al-Awwal. After her passing, her five children designated her estate gift as The Doctor Nariman Zarzour Legacy Scholarship to support students in need. They write, “It is a wondrous sign from the All Merciful that her good intention has become an endowed scholarship that enables her charitable work, love for education, and, above all else, genuine determination to benefit the ummah to continue on after her passing.”

We pray that every student recipient of The Doctor Nariman Zarzour Legacy Scholarship will be a recurring source of blessings and benefit for Dr. Zarzour.